Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Educate your business about the second Internet revolution (before someone else does)

IT managers 'should play with Xbox 360s'
Andrew Donoghue
December 09, 2005, 17:00 GMT

Staying up to date with disruptive technology should be a key part of your IT strategy for 2006 which means getting to grips with new consoles and head-mounted displays

Analyst group Gartner has revealed the top 10 must-dos for IT managers in 2006 and along with the usual advice, such as working closer with the finance department, are other tips such as exploring emerging technologies such as game consoles.

Released on Thursday, Gartner's CIO Resolutions for 2006 are 10guidelines designed to help IT managers plan their strategy for the next 12 months. The group claims that 2006 will be a "paradoxical year" as although there will be a surge in technology innovation, the economic outlook is "unpredictable".


Gartner's CIO Resolutions for 2006

1. Educate your business about the second Internet revolution (before someone else does)
10. Check out some 2006 'hot' technologies


One unusual tactic proposed by Gartner is that IT management should look to expand their technical horizons by exploring technologies that they may not have considered as business related. The analyst group claims technology professionals should see, touch and use at least three of the following in 2006:

1. Web based micro-applications such as writely.com or numsum.com
2. Flickr
3. A new generation of consoles e.g. Nintendo 'revolution' or Xbox 360
4. A head mounted display
5. Google Earth
6. An in-house pilot of consumer technology such as podcasting a company communication.

"Those who don't use the resolutions to get themselves and their organisations in good shape may find 2007 an unpleasant white-knuckle ride," said Gartner chief of research John Mahoney.

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