Saturday, June 28, 2008

THE ART OF THE NUDE | Exhibition opening 18 July 2008

The exhibition THE ART OF THE NUDE will be opened by painter Harry Holland on Friday 18 July 2008 | Contact Newport Museum and Art Gallery for attendance details | View ArtoftheNude - Leaflet (pdf) |



An exhibition of drawings, prints, painting and sculpture
Guest Curators John Wilson & Roger Cucksey
Newport Museum and Art Gallery, 19 July - 20 September 2008

Exhibition opening

The exhibition will be opened by painter Harry Holland on Friday 18 July 2008.

THE ART OF THE NUDE frames the artistic genre of the nude and provides a fascinating thread through the history of art. The study of the nude formed the basis of the post-Renaissance academic tradition of "Western Art", whilst the departures of modernism and the avant garde likewise saw a peristence of the nude as a vital genre for the artist's exploration. Whither the nude in today's world of CGI and the Internet?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

NGN Next generation - broadband, networks, access | BSG

· 2 reports from BSG Broadband Stakeholder Group | Keywords: broadband, networks, access, public sector, intervention


BBSG Conference: ‘Beyond Pipe Dreams? Prospects for Next Generation Broadband in the UK’

The conference brought together over 250 delegates from a variety of stakeholders, including representatives from ISPs, content providers, rights holders, consultants, analysts, investors, the regulator, public sector bodies, and the voluntary sector. The conference produced many lively debates, with presentations from a number of excellent speakers.

If you missed the conference, the presentations are now available on the BSG website at

· BSG Report: ‘A Framework for Evaluating the Value of Next Generation Broadband’

Launched at the conference, this report develops a framework for examining the incremental costs and benefits associated with NGA against a counterfactual scenario of further development of the copper network, and gives an indication of the scale of these values.

For more information and to download the report please see

· BSG Report: ‘Models for efficient and effective public sector interventions in next generation broadband access networks’

Also launched at the conference, this report examines the range of objectives and approaches of interventions to date, and identifies a number of critical success factors that should ensure an efficient and effective intervention. It also makes several recommendations relating to public sector projects in the UK.

For more information and to download the report please see

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ubiquity : instant-global-communications: 1838-style

  • "When the Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives evaluated Samuel Morse's telegraph in 1838. In ponderous phrases typical of the era, they wrote

"With the means of almost instantaneous communication of intelligence between the most distant points of the country, and simultaneously between any given number of intermediate points which this invention contemplates, space will be, to all practical purposes of information, completely annihilated... The citizen will be invested with, and reduce to daily and familiar use, an approach to the HIGH ATTRIBUTE OF UBIQUITY, in a degree that the human mind, until recently, has hardly dared to contemplate seriously as belonging to human agency, from an instinctive feeling of religious reverence and reserve on a power of such awful grandeur." [The phrase CAPITALIZED here was capitalized in the original report, too.]

Source: Robert Horvitz, Do Ubiquitous Networks Lead to Ubiquitous Surveillance? | 06/05/2008