Tuesday, June 27, 2006

High-speed revolution puts Sandoval on world map

Broadband puts future in their hands
'Our umbilical cord is attached to Mother Earth but there are no amenities here. With high-speed connectivity the young can have a foothold in modern society and also thrive in their rich cultural background' - Senator Leonard Tsosie, of the New Mexico State Assembly, standing outside a Hogan. He understands the immense challenges facing Native Americans. -Source here

Sandoval County- Wireless Broadband Project

A communications revolution has taken place – unnoticed and away from national media attention.

The revolution offers solutions for every city and state with a digital divide, telecommunications infrastructure and information access challenges.

The revolution offers radically improved and inexpensive solutions to government, societies and private sector communications. This revolution has taken place within a county of New Mexico.


The model for broadband

In six months, without digging one trench for cable, Sandoval County has provided ten times more broadband capacity for its County seat, Bernalillo, than any other city in the United States has access to. By the end of 2006 the first Pueblos in the County will be receiving 30 times more connectivity. Sandoval County’s target is to provide 1Gbps – one billion bits of information per second – of broadband to its people, the fastest in the United States. Some FCC staff say this may be THE model for broadband for many years to come.


Applications for life

Advanced broadband applications are being developed around the world, which can be made available to Sandoval County residents via the large bandwidth infrastructure being deployed. Faster broadband speeds will allow Sandoval County schools in the most remote areas to download lessons including graphics and illustrations, not just script. Wireless applications can enable pupils from the Pueblos and Navajo Chapters to start lessons while travelling – in some instances journeys of three hours – to school or study at home through distance-learning, connecting students to teachers and learning centers in real time.

Tele-health and telemedicine applications will deliver diagnoses and treatment for better preventative healthcare. Aging populations will be able to stay in their own homes and still have constant monitoring using virtual assisted living applications through broadband. Economically, Native American products can be sold around the globe rather than only in the Pueblos or in trading posts in Albuquerque.

The revolution has heightened aspirations across the length and breadth of this county. There is no turning back.

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