Thursday, March 22, 2007

Net Neutrality in Europe

Net Neutrality in Europe

Navigate Through Future Internet Access and Distribution Models

Lead Analyst
Ian Fogg
Contributing Analysts
Thomas Husson, Galina Naydenova

Vision Report
March 8, 2007

Executive Summary

Broadband Internet service providers (ISPs) are debating how to productize quality of service. They are considering whether to charge Internet businesses for prioritized service delivery to consumers. Additionally, they are investigating using similar network tools to hinder Internet businesses that target ISPs' access customers with competitive services.

Key Questions

  • What is Net neutrality, why does it matter, and how does Europe differ from the US?

  • Which consumers care about Net neutrality, and how important are they?

  • How serious are over-the-top threats to operators, and how will they evolve?

  • How should ISPs design broadband packages to take advantage of variable quality-of-service levels, and in which situations should ISPs and Internet businesses strike commercial deals for access to an ISP's customers?

Landscape: Broadband Providers Consider Moving from Speed Tiers to Quality of Service

Outlook: Emerging Over-the-Top Threats Are Enabled by Faster Broadband

Mandate: Advocates of a Non-neutral Internet Must Ensure Genuine Value

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