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Ofcom, Digital Dividend Review, Responses

Digital Dividend Review - Summary of consultation responses and revised timetable


The Digital Dividend Review

1.7 The Digital Dividend Review (DDR) addresses how this spectrum should be awarded and for what uses. It is one of the most important issues that Ofcom faces.

1.8 We published proposals on 19 December 2006[(-3-)] and consulted on them until 20 March 2007. Fundamentally, we proposed releasing this spectrum in a way that would allow users flexibility to decide how, for what and by whom it was used. In line with the SFR, we proposed to do this by adopting a market-based, technology and service-neutral approach while acknowledging the fundamental responsibilities of regulation: to prevent one use of spectrum interfering harmfully with another and to ensure fair and effective competition.

1.9 Our key objective in releasing the digital dividend is to maximise the value that the use of this spectrum is likely to bring to society over time. To assist us in meeting this objective, we carried out a considerable amount of analysis and research in the years before publishing our proposals. The results were set out in annexes[(-4-)] to the consultation document. The key components were:

* technical analysis of the ways in which the spectrum could be used;
* extensive research into consumers’ interest in various potential uses;
* an assessment of the potential demand for different services;
* modelling of the likely value of the spectrum to consumers and businesses and society more generally; and
* consideration of the options for packaging the spectrum and designing an auction.

The purpose of this document

1.10 Our proposals drew significant and extensive comment from stakeholders ranging from public-service broadcasters (PSBs) and mobile-network operators (MNOs) to equipment manufacturers, consumer and advisory groups, public bodies, Members of Parliament and individuals. In total, we received around 750 responses. We are extremely grateful to all those who took the time and effort to convey their views to us.

1.11 Those responses have given us a large amount of information and alternative options to consider.

1.12 The purpose of this document is to provide stakeholders with:

* a summary of responses;
* information on the additional work that we are undertaking to progress the DDR; and
* the revised timetable to which we are working.

The structure of this document

1.13 Section 2 provides a summary of our key proposals and the responses that we received.

1.14 Section 3 describes the additional work that we are undertaking and the revised timetable to which we are working.

1.15 Annex 1 sets out the list of questions that we asked in our consultation document.

1.16 Annex 2 lists those organisations (i.e. excluding individuals) who responded to the consultation.

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The full document is available below

* Digital Dividend Review - Summary of consultation responses and revised timetable [pdf]
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