Monday, January 28, 2008

Flickr: Tower Colliery, South Wales

Tower Colliery - the last deep mine in Wales closed on Friday 25th January 2008 (...)

Flickr: Tower Colliery, South Wales

"(...) Tower closed. And so – led by no band, but instead walking heads up to the continuous applause of a large crowd lining the way – the men marched on Friday away from the pit.

"Silence was right because everyone has memories," affirmed Tyrone O'Sullivan (...)". [ x ]

"Finally, though, the coal has run out and yesterday the Tower miners, together with wives and families, gathered and marched away from the pithead. In a biting wind that howled off the Brecon Beacons, they reached the end of the pit road, turned, and tipped their union banner towards the mine in tribute.

It was a time for memories, good and bad (...)". [ x ]

"We've created a workers' owned company ... We've mined the last ounce of coal, so that makes us so proud ... "

"The last wheel then, will be the last wheel to turn in the South Wales mining area ... "

"Our final tribute must be to that pit there".

[ Tyrone O'Sullivan - Tower Colliery Miners, YouTube]

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