Monday, June 16, 2008


Ubiquity : instant-global-communications: 1838-style

  • "When the Commerce Committee of the US House of Representatives evaluated Samuel Morse's telegraph in 1838. In ponderous phrases typical of the era, they wrote

"With the means of almost instantaneous communication of intelligence between the most distant points of the country, and simultaneously between any given number of intermediate points which this invention contemplates, space will be, to all practical purposes of information, completely annihilated... The citizen will be invested with, and reduce to daily and familiar use, an approach to the HIGH ATTRIBUTE OF UBIQUITY, in a degree that the human mind, until recently, has hardly dared to contemplate seriously as belonging to human agency, from an instinctive feeling of religious reverence and reserve on a power of such awful grandeur." [The phrase CAPITALIZED here was capitalized in the original report, too.]

Source: Robert Horvitz, Do Ubiquitous Networks Lead to Ubiquitous Surveillance? | 06/05/2008

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