Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yankee Group FTTH report

Fiber to the World: A State of the Union Report on FTTH

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Description The increase in demand for bandwidth is pressuring telcos to deliver ever more broadband capacity, yet many are making dangerous technology bets that will haunt them for years. Yankee Group believes a truly next-generation fixed access network in mature markets means fiber to the home (FTTH). Our vision for ubiquitous connectivity and the collision of communications, Internet, media, mobility and machine creating the Anywhere Network™, dictates an IP data highway into every home to support advanced applications. Our view is that for broadband to be a game-changer, fiber must be delivered as close as possible to the home to overcome the current limitations of the copper network.
• Asia-Pacific has been leading FTTx developments, and millions of customers (especially in Japan and South Korea) already have access to next-generation access, but the service ecosystem has not yet truly adapted to capabilities of the new infrastructure.
• Europe is trying to catch up, although some countries – especially in Scandinavia – already have significant deployments and are accelerating rollouts boosted in part by municipal and utility-driven projects. The rest of Europe is still struggling with finding the right regulatory model to incentivize telcos to invest while avoiding the development of new broadband monopolies.
• In North America, a single broadband provider, Verizon, represents the large majority of deployment, leaving the rest of the country devoid of next-generation access (NGA) perspectives.
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Beniot Felten, Senior Analyst
Vince Vittore, Program Manager

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