Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Half the world will have no mobile by 2009

Half the world will have no mobile by 2009: "Even the US has room for growth..."

By Jo Best

Published: Wednesday 18 January 2006

While the UK passed 100 per cent penetration for mobile phones some time ago, half the world still won't be using one by 2009, researchers believe.

According to a report from Portio Research, the number of mobile users worldwide – currently around the two billion mark – will reach nearly four billion by 2011.

Within the next five years, India's mobile market is expected to enjoy the most subscriber growth, followed by China. Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria are all expected to add substantial numbers of mobile users between now and 2011.

However, the US is also expected to see more of the wireless-less taking up mobiles – 66 million new mobile users will sign up before 2011, the research company predicts.

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