Saturday, October 21, 2006

The future is tera-scale computing

‘The future is tera-scale computing,’ says Intel

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel is aggressively pursuing its research and development as it unveiled more prototypes of microprocessors for various applications that would have an impact into the people’s lives.

(...) Alan Crouch, director for communications technology lab, pointed out the importance of industry collaboration in developing wireless innovation. "The future of mobility is accessing anything, anywhere and when do you want to be delivered easily, reliably and securely."

"It all begins on what the user wants through ethnographic research and look at improving mobile devices and networks and leading standards and spectrum policy," said Crouch.

He believes that mobile standards will co-exist and that the challenge is seamless connectivity across all wireless devices - from 3G with overlay and seamless access to WiMax (802.16e), WiFi (802.11) and UWB.

"Our vision is complete the service transparency to the end user on any wireless network," said Crouch.

There is also a need to look at the end-to-end system implications from Internet Protocol (IP) services, network layer and radio access layer.

Intel had a joint collaboration with British Telecom (BT) that involves building BT’s 21st century network architecture that allows mobility across multiple networks.

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