Friday, October 13, 2006

WiFi's future in UK libraries | From "Report outlines WiFi future for libraries," UK Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) Council news release, 22 September 2006:

"A report launched today from the MLA and WiFi specialist RegenerateIT anticipates that by 2009 half of all [UK] libraries will offer some form of WiFi (wireless technology).

"The report estimates that there are currently about 23 per cent of library services delivering WiFi with 42 per cent of library services planning to offer WiFi in the next financial year.

"Benefits of WiFi in libraries include more flexible use of space - particularly important given the limited space in many rural areas - and increased availability of library PCs, allowing a greater total number of users to benefit from IT access in the library.

"Most of the existing library WiFi services are being offered free, according to the report Review and Evaluation of WiFi in Public Libraries.

"The next steps in provision of library wireless services are the installation or expansion of hotspots to more libraries and the marketing of those hotspots to ensure a full take-up."

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