Monday, November 28, 2005

CNET'S FREE "Setting up VoIP" online class
Nov 28, 2005
Is an Internet phone right for you?
Find out everything you need to know about switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) in this FREE class

If your old-fashioned phone is working fine, why bother switching to an Internet-based VoIP system? For one, calls can be extremely cheap or even free to anywhere in the world.

Plus, VoIP offers unique features such as the ability to take your phone number with you when you move, choose your own area code, and have your voice mail messages sent to your e-mail inbox.

This class covers different types of phone solutions and looks at more than a dozen different Internet phone providers and how CNET editors rank them.

ENROLL today in CNET'S FREE "Setting up VoIP" online class to learn:

Understand how VoIP technology works;
Pros and cons of different technologies;
Choosing a VoIP provider and plan;
Explore potential VoIP services available in the future.

To find out more about the VoIP course and other FREE upcoming classes, click here.

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