Monday, November 28, 2005

O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference, Jan 24-26, 2005

The future is calling. Web telephony technologies are hitting the big time. eBay bought Skype, Google launched GoogleTalk, and Yahoo introduced Yahoo Messenger with Voice. Web developer voice platforms such as Tellme and Voxeo are creating entirely new voice services opportunities for developers and enterprises. Pingtel and Digium's open source IP PBX platforms are striking fear into the hearts of traditional telcos. How are the leading IP telephony companies charting this new frontier? How can you stay ahead of the curve in this industry in transition?

The O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference is not "Yet Another VoIP Conference." ETel brings you the best of what's happening at the cutting edge of the entire IP telephony spectrum now, and how new technology is being deployed by forward-thinking pioneers. O'Reilly's committment, support, and access to the alpha geek community and top-tier innovative startups acts as a radar for decision makers in the industry who need to know what the next big technology will be.

[Speakers include:]

Keynote with Peter Cochrane

Peter Cochrane, Co-founder, ConceptLabs
One of the true visionaries in telecoms and the former CTO of British Telecom's prestigious research labs, Cochrane shares his wisdom and current interests in the communications and technology space. A peer of MIT Media Laboratory's Nicholas Negroponte, Cochrane outlines the fundamental shifts in business and technology that have many telco execs exclaiming that the barbarians are at the gate.

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