Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wireless Communication and Development

USC Annenberg Research Network on International Communication

2005 Workshop

Wireless Communication and Development: A Global Perspective
October 7-8, 2005
The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey, CA.

Friday October 7

Session 1
Wireless Communication and Development: Reviewing the Evidence
Chair: Jonathan Aronson (USC)

* Leonard Waverman (London Business School), Mobile Telecommunications and Economic Growth
[paper - TK][slides (PPT-1.7Mb) ]
* Judith Mariscal and Eugenio Rivera (CIDE-Mexico), New Trends in Mobile Communications in Latin America
[paper (PDF-224Kb)] [slides (PPT-150Kb)]
* Rohan Samarajiva (, Wireless communication and development in the Asia-Pacific: Institutions matter
[paper (PDF-425Kb)] [slides (PPT-425Kb) ]

Lunch Keynote address:
Richard Fuchs (Director ICT4D, IDRC), It's the End of the World As we Know It: ICTs and Development into the Future
[slides (PPT-5.5Mb) ]

Session 2
Low-cost Wireless Alternatives: Case Studies
Chair: Fran├žois Bar (USC)

* Jack Qiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong ),The Accidental Accomplishment of Little Smart: Understanding the Emergence of a Working-Class ICT
[paper (PDF-210Kb)] [slides (PPT-470Kb) ]
* Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley),Technology Insights for Rural Connectivity
[paper (PDF-36Kb)] [slides (PPT-3.8Mb) ]

Saturday October 8

Session 3
Wireless Applications for Rural Development
Chair: Manuel Castells (USC)

* Hernan Galperin (USC) and Fran├žois Bar (USC), Diversifying Network Development: Microtelcos in Latin America and the Caribbean
[paper (PDF-168Kb)] [slides (PPT-190Kb) ]
* Michael Best (Georgia Tech) and Raul Roman (USC), Licence-exempt Wireless Policies: Unleashing the Internet for Rural Development
[paper -TK] [slides (PPT-1.6Mb) ]
* Francisco Proenza (FAO), The Road to Broadband Development in Developing Countries is through Competition Driven by Wireless and VoIP
[paper (PDF-478Kb)] [slides (PPT-326Kb)]

Lunch Keynote address:
Ashok Jhunjhunwala (IIT Chennai), Wireless Communications and Development: Rural India Focus
[slides (PPT-6.1Mb)]

Session 4
Wireless and Development: A Users Perspective
Chair: Jonathan Taplin (USC)

* Jonathan Donner (Columbia University), The use of mobile phones by microentrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda: Changes to social and business networks
[paper (PDF-585Kb)] [slides (PDF-1.4Mb)]
* Nyaki Adeya (Visiting Scholar, USC), Wireless Technologies and Development in Africa
[paper (PDF-385Kb)] [slides (PPT-221Kb)]

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