Friday, September 23, 2005

FUTURE WIRELESS: practical.discourse.creative @ the Science Museum's Dana Centre, London, 4 October 2005

FUTURE WIRELESS:practical.discourse.creative - Speakers confirmed for the discourse.wireless track (posted 23 September 2005)

At the Science Museum's Dana Centre, London, 4 October 2005

See the Cybersalon website for event details here

Future Wireless conference - a day of presentation, demonstration, practical workshop, artistic intervention and debate to demonstrate and probe the nature, impact and potential of the wireless Internet, mobile telecommunications and other radio-based technologies. Future Wireless is the lastest in a series of collaborative events with Open Spectrum UK, a coalition of non-profit organisations engaged in community wireless networking and the advocacy of licence-exempt access to radio spectrum - as part of NODE.London's autumn '05 season

Speakers are now confirmed for the discourse.wireless track:


* John Wilson, Open Spectrum UK

* Daniel Heery (Alston Cybermoor) - Community, Broadband and Narrowcast
* Barry Eaton (Anglesey Connected) - Building a Regional Broadband Network
* Ian Robinson (Head of Emerging Products, BT) - BT and WiMax
* Peter Cochrane (ConceptLabs) - Future Wireless? Technology, Regulation, Society

Emerging wireless broadband technologies have been deployed in the UK in recent years as an innovative first mile/last mile solution for remote and rural areas. And with the current hype surrounding WiMax, wireless is poised to transform the coverage map across all geographies to deliver the vision of “Broadband Britian”. Join our experts in this unique reflection upon where we've come from and where we're heading on the "Broadband Britain" journey.

* We focus upon three leading UK wireless broadband deployments at the community, regional and national levels, to explore wireless and the evolving communications landscape ecology.

* We also engage global expertise to explore our Future Wireless theme, as BT are a member of the WiMax consortium and Peter Cochrane is a celebrated technology futurist (and former CTO for BT).

* Join us in our discursive enquiry into such issues as Wireless Broadband- DIY or DIFM? (do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me?) Broadcast or narrowcast? Spectrum, The Invisible Wealth of Nations?

++ Further
Open Spectrum UK website here
Cybersalon- event website here

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