Friday, September 16, 2005

Virgin Mobile takes iPod phone to UK | By Staff | 15-09-2005 04:58 PM

Mobile network Virgin Mobile has announced it will sell the iPod phone in the UK from the end of September.

Launched in the US last week, the Motorola Rokr E1 phone is the world’s first mobile phone equipped with iTunes.

Customers can register their interest with Virgin Mobile by calling 0845 602 4418. The phone will also be widely available from Virgin Mobile stockists across the UK from 26 September.

The Motorola Rokr allows users to transfer up to 100 tracks from the iTunes jukebox on their PC or Mac to their handset, and will retail at £189.99.

This phone will allow the owner to pause a track automatically to allow a call to be taken, or to listen to a favourite track whilst checking messages.

The phone also features dual built-in stereo speakers and stereo headphones.

The white device comes with £5 airtime, battery and charger, and also features a built-in camera with video capture and playback and 512MB memory card for storing music, data and photos.

Graeme Hutchinson, sales and marketing director at Virgin Mobile, said: “The iTunes phone is a perfect fit for Virgin Mobile’s customers who love their music and are keen to own the latest technology - we think it’s the most desirable gift you could find in your stocking this Christmas!”

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